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Our tinted brow gel is the eyebrow product you'll need in your kit!


With its water-proof and smudge-proof formula, this brow gel will provide a bolder, fuller and tamed look to your eyebrows all day.


The gel is also formulated with nylon fibers that will allow it to coat the brow hairs and skin in sparse areas, for a natural-looking fill. Perfect for clients who don't want a big hassle with their eyebrow routine and wants a full yet natural look.


Please note - The Dark Brown color is a medium brown tone and the Black Brown color is a true dark brown tone.

Tinted Eyebrow Gel

  • The application process works best when your eyebrows are properly groomed.

    Using your applicator, apply the tinted gel in the direction your eyebrows grow. 

    Using a concealer and a concealer brush, outline your eyebrows to give a crisp and polished finish.

    Apply a top coat of our clear eyebrow gel to complete the look (optional).

    This tint can also be applied over freshly tinted eyebrows to give longer lasting results.

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